Saturday, July 14, 2012

President's Speech

The President clears his throat then speaks these words.

Today begins a new era.  Today begins a new world order.  Welcome, Lovers! 

Welcome to those who love to eat, sleep, piss, fuck, kill, pray, spend, save, misbehave, shave, lead, succeed, breed, bleed. 

Those who love to rule, move their bowels, dominate, submit, slack off, and sneeze, welcome to this brand new nation state.

Those who love the meek, the strong, the witty, the right and the wrong, those who love money, licking honey, and reading the funnies shall remain equals under the law and above the law.

Those who love me, you, him, her, them, and this and that, join this cosmic Mardi Gras!

Those who make love, ignore love, hate love, spurn love, search for love, betray love, question love, come join as we all feast on stardust.

And as for those who are Love--which pretty much includes all humankind and everything besides--celebrate!  

Then the president presses the hole of the flute to his moist lips and beings to play the ney.