Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April & Poetry 2014

Character of a Happy Yogi

Please read this poem after reading William Wordswoth's Character of the Happy Warrior

Who is the happy Yogi?  Who is she

That every being with breath should wish to be?

--It is the generous Spirit, who, when laughing

at the tasks of real life, hath abandoned

the plan that pleased her ego’s thought:

Whose every breath feeds the inward light

That makes the path before her always clear in sight;

Who, with a natural instinct for grace

What Prana can move, is diligent to manifest;

Welcomes her practice, and stops not there,

But makes her radiant being her prime care;

Who, destined to go in company with Grace,

And Ecstasy, and Elevation, blissful train!

Turns her necessity to ecstatic chanting;

In face of these doth take a cold shower,

Which is our human nature’s highest dower.