Friday, December 01, 2006

Strawberry Fields for Sean Bell

You were sitting in Strawberry Fields last weekend when you read
the New York Times article about the tragic shooting of Sean Bell.

Have you forgotten the massive amount of damage one bullet does,
let alone 50?

And it's not just one life that is destroyed.

Bullets take out entire families, communities,
artists, friends, lovers, ideals, hopes, possibilities.

take an eternal moment, next time you feel like pulling any trigger--
think of all the damage that bullet will do.

It's not powerful or strong to use a gun.
Guns are cop outs, tools for fools and cowards.
How can any sane citizen feel she is protected by a police force full of cowards?

Wouldn't it be nice to exercise some real democratic pull
and see if you could actually get that Second Amendment
repealed; and while you're at it,
reform that military police force?

You bow your head for Sean Bell,
for John Lennon,
for Amadou Bailo Diallo,
and for all the kids in Iraq.

...for liberty and justice
for all.

So, history repeats itself, does it?
Does it do any good to remember, memorialize,
build shrines like Strawberry Fields?
You wish to start talking about some real action
that would stop all this forever before another 9/11
and Iraq war roll around. Stop this forever.

Strawberry Fields...

Can you


Real Men,
the ones with the
biggest Cocks,
You can quiet the Energy
that pulls
any trigger.
Or else
Such Men can find
a more graceful
to kill each other
because the Gun
is not worthy of
human dignity.

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