Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Synopsis for Rebecca Jane's NaNo Novel

My National Novel Writing Month novel is entitled Masque.

Here's the synopsis:

Leo Song and his wife, Leanora, host a masquerade party to build community among the fancy and aloof parents of children at their son's private preschool. An uninvited, masked woman shows up to the party and refuses to leave. She never removes her mask because it covers her deformity, and apparently she speaks no English. Speaking in Cantonese, Leo learns that this stranger, who calls herself Bei Qi, is his own grown daughter, she has just landed in the States from China, and she needs a place to stay.


Now I do wish that the voices that urge me to write this blog would be respectful and remain quiet so that I may concentrate more writing energy on the novel, but novel writing is so challenging, and I love finding ways to procrastinate.

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