Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Promiscuous Wallet

Money says to Wallet, “I must be going.”

Wallet begs, “Stay!”

Money grabs his coat and hat. Wallet bends over to tie Money’s shoes. She breathes on the toes of the fine cordovan, shines his shoes, and says, “Please stay. I love you. I need you. I can save you.”

Money says, “No. I must go out and be in the world. I’ve got an Economic Empire to build, to run.”

Wallet sighs.

Money continues, “Don’t be so sad, sweetheart. I don’t want you to save me. I wouldn't and couldn't stay with you, even if you could make me. I won't stay.”

Wallet releases Money from her dark embrace. “Goodbye.” She says.

She waits. Emptiness.

At the end of the month, she gets her pay period. She is fulfilled once again.

Now, Wallet greets More Money, saying, “Hey there rich fella, you like the smell of my leather…?”

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