Monday, March 05, 2012

My Policy Here is One of Love

An American, an Israeli, and an Iranian were invited to feast at the Table of the Beloved Mother Earth. When they saw all the options on the table, the Beloved invited them to “Dig in!”

The Iranian started by helping himself to the dish that was richest in Uranium. He took one bite, and the Earth shook, angry and violent, beneath his feet.

Then the American helped himself to everything on the table. A strange storm lifted him, spun him around until he was nauseous, and slammed him to the ground. Little tweeting birds and stars flew circles above his aching head.

The Israeli stood apart, amused by all their folly. When they recovered from their injuries, the Israeli said, “Hey guys, let’s just destroy the whole table.” The American and the Iranian looked at one another and shrugged. They asked, “Why would we want to do that?” The Israeli said, “So we can ensure that we remain Masters of Our Fate.”

Mother Earth witnessed all this and was not pleased. She said, “Darling children. You have soiled your missions. You shall have no pie! You all deserve Time Out while you give a close listen to All of Humanity recite—in unison—from the Book of Cosmic Prayer.”

(Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if foolish children did as they were told?)

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Samantha Memi said...

Love this little fable. So pertinent to today, and so true to our contemporary society. Thank you.