Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Solstice 2013

A great soul hides in the Games booths at a new theme park in Southern California. 

The theme park is called Financial Crisis Land, and Dan Burite is one of its Full-Time-With-Benefits employees. 

From looking at his outward appearance—sturdy build, 5’9” 165 pounds, dread locks dripping with Rasta beads—one would never guess that Dan B. is God.  

Every day he performs miracles.  

Today is no different.  He stands at a game booth called “Asset-liability Match.”  The challenge involves “withdrawing money” from a “Bank” before the bank can receive the proceeds of its loans.  The "money" is symbolized by a roll of toy paper currency that a player unrolls, similar to the way one would unroll toilet paper.  "The Bank" is an image of a bag with a $ symbol on it.  The moneybag rises higher and higher on a golden pole.  If the moneybag is too quick to rise up to the red Liquidity button, an alarm sounds and the player gets All Wet when a bucket dumps water on the loser.  But if the player removes all the money from the roll before the moneybag reaches Liquidity, a bell rings.  And we have a Winner!  

Dan Burite is the guy who collects three bucks from theme park patrons who want to play this game; he presses the game’s Start button, and says, “Go!”  If the player wins, he bestows a huge, plush Moneybag into the winner's open arms.  If the player loses, Burite encourages the loser to use the “withdrawn cash” to wipe water off his or her wet head.  Outwardly, this seems all there is to Dan Burite’s job.  He performs these simple tasks, with enthusiasm, day-in and day-out throughout the entire year, even on holidays.

But also every day.  Before work.  Dan wakes bright and early to perform cleansing, breathing, and bodywork rituals and meditations that strengthen his nervous system.  For the past forty days, he has been chanting this mantra:

Repeating this mantra as many times as he has has given Dan Burite the ability to Recognize Any Other Person He Encounters Is Himself. 

What does this mean?

For Dan Burite, this means that every time he looks into the face of a theme park patron, he merges with the divine essence inside that other person.  

What influence does this have on his interaction with total strangers from every walk of life?  

When Dan Burite and a game player exchange cash, when he hands over the toy "money roll."  When Dan distributes a prize to a winner, Dan makes sure that his fingers brush ever-so-gently against the other's fingers.  In this moment, Dan Burite charges the other person’s biomagnetic field with the pure vibration of divine intellect and higher consciousness.  

Any theme park patron who plays the “Asset-Liability Match" game is certain to leave Financial Crisis Land at the end of the day with a sense of heightened well-being (which of course they inevitably attribute to the experience of visiting a theme park in Southern California as they almost totally forget their interaction with Dan).  But now, dear reader, you know the truth.

Dan Burite knows he is god.  He recognizes every person he encounters, and he encounters over 1.4 million people per year, as himself, as God.  He treats others accordingly.

Dan Burite was a regular guy when he moved to Southern California from New York City five years ago.  But after practicing this particular, 40-day meditation, Dan Burite can proclaim, with confidence, he is a Wise Guy.  He's gained wisdom.  As far as Dan can describe it, this First Sutra for the Aquarian Age Meditation is a learning tool for the Ascension Process.  

What does this mean?  

Sure, the old adage of treating others as you would like to be treated holds true; likewise, love your neighbor as you love yourself is still useful wisdom.  Hell, we've mastered all that.  Time to Amp It Up.  How about for the Aquarian Age, and for humanity's continuing evolution, human beings push themselves a bit further?  Treat one another as you would treat your god. 

And if you do not believe in God, or a god, or Creation; and perhaps you hold the view that Religions are at the root of all the world’s problems; in any case, treat other humans with the same kind of reverence and awe you have for your car or your cock, your smart phone or your donkey. Oh, Dear Ones, whatever it is you hold dear, whatever is you--You be you begin be me become because believe beget be good bebop bepop bepop by golly be God…!

And if you hold nothing dear, but feel you are a dizzy, unworthy, hag with a heavy drinking problem, then you deserve a vacation.  Play a game at Dan Burite’s booth.  Ride the thrilling Housing Bubble Bust.  Visit the Fun House for Economic Reform.  And enjoy the rest of your day here at Financial Crisis Land, California!      

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