Sunday, August 05, 2012


She saw a generous amount of female thigh on the the Rufus Lorenz bikini ad in the newspaper this morning.  The mushroom with goat cheese omelet received her spouse's generous praise.  After eating, he opened the paper, and she noticed him give those thighs a generous perusing.    

In another room, two guys were talking.   "Hey.  Have you heard they’ve just declared Generosity an Olympic Sport?"  "No shit!"  "Ya.  Iran's team leads."

Across the street, a girl thinks: The best thing anyone has every said to me came from my soul sister's mouth,  Girl, you are one generous genius.

In the Wheels and Deals World, someone says, "If you scratch my back, and I scratch my back, then you scratch my back again, I’d say that would be a generous use of your time."

Before Lady Mystery became president of the brokerage firm Terra Capital Group, the TC Group dedicated a generous amount of its proceeds to children left orphaned in Afghanistan; however, after Lady Mystery’s reign, all profits went straight to those with the greatest need all over the world.  

In the background somewhere, Newsman said, "Today, The Market endured its most generous plummet in history!"

At the ice cream parlor, Ice Cream Man shoveled me a generous scoop of chocolate ice cream.

In the background, Newsman said, "Today, they discovered that Mars is a generous planet."    

On campus, they're all nodding,  "Yes.  I’m reading a book entitled The Fifty Shades of Generosity.  So far, reading that book has inspired me to rush over to my mother’s house and give her a well-deserved foot rub.  That’s how eager I am to practice the art and science of generosity."
"Yes, and I am reading a book called Generosity and Chemistry, an Erotic Fantasy.  I thinks its a Gore Vidal posthumous bestseller." 

In an erotic book club, someone comments, "Lick me, with your generous tongue, sweet Reader."  

If generosity were an Olympic sport, my Lovers would take the Gold. 

Here, I've made this apricot pie; may I cut you a generous slice?

I just downloaded the coolest new Generation Generosity ap onto my device.

Percussionist, Barney Lazarro gives this spoken-word performance in which he drums and chants the word for generosity in ninety-three languages while an enormous, sparkling dancer spins and shimmies all around him.  He performs at Gif Ives's Club Bounty tonight at 7.

The Pennsylvania politician's remarks were generous in their stupidity.

The Guard gave the prisoner a generous beating.

The protestors shouted:  Yes to Generosity!  No to Corpocracy!  Yes to Generostiy!  No to Corpocracy!

The hero died a generous death.

I made a generous contribution to The Institution; The Institution made me Chief Generocateur.

In The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology, I find the word generous between the words generic and genesis.  I study the word generous sitting there quietly on the page, and I say to the word, "You've got fine bedfellows."

In 1588, the word generous meant of noble birth, magnanimous.  Makes me want to end all this by shouting out to all humanity:  You've got a generous heart!



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