Saturday, April 20, 2013

April & Poetry 12

(Read this post after reading CJ Evans' poem entitled "Elegy in Limestone")

If he, stone, and if he
does.  If gods, like light, like if people
towns and cities and nations, like a stone’s throw,
like gods, sound mind and ancient body.
If he does, like if the days and nights
of Earth think Earth, if the spinning
of the Sun and Saturn burn in their Thought, cry
Sun and Saturn; if he does.
Map the subconscious, herkimer and quartz,
the stones not appearing on any map,
if the map wants inward guidance.
If he does.  Word, if it is in
and in mind.  If visible until
Deed.  If mystics lie and light
moves the spine’s hot
Serpent.  If he is light, if it is
okay to dark with.  Stones.  In the
crystal bowl sounds Mount Shasta, and The Word.
If he is the sound of Mount Shasta under Raven’s wings.
If hiding, if hard, if height, if heat, if healing. 

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