Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April & Poetry 4

Time      when   you
are standing on your
head.  Time as the sky
feeling the beating raven’s
wings.  Time if you’re a
breakfast bowl.  Time if
you’re    my      pillow
when my head is upon you. 
Time if you’re my pillow
when      my         head
is on the block.  Time if you
are my dream.  Time if you
are The Teacher in my dream
who      was            reading
the  Tarot  and  drew  the
Father        of         Wands. 
Time if you are the live cobra
that rose up out of the card. 
Time if you are The Teacher
swallowing   The     Cobra.
Time   as      shockwaves. 
Time      in      dream.  Dream
time.  Dream standing on its head. 
The         raven’s           dream. 
Dream Chief Dancing Raven watching
Wind make love to White Buffalo. 
Dream sweet grass grows
upon your head.  Dream takes Night by
the other hand.  The three go leaping
over       The Chasm.         Time passes.
Dream distorts.  Time may get the jump
on you.  Dream guides the jolt in you.

(This post written after memorizing some lines from Anne Carson’s Red Doc>)    

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