Thursday, June 08, 2006


Because of his testimony, Peter had to fear for his life. He changed his name to Hal and moved to L.A. where he started a new family and got involved in the movie business. When Hal received the horrifying news that crime lords were hired to murder his wife, he vowed to avenge her death. Hal loved his wife with such passion that he thought the criminal courts didn’t offer enough retribution. So when the thugs received their life sentences, Hal carried out what he considered to be a more satisfying payback. He hired a team to dig up his wife. He put her in the movies. He cast his dead wife with the most esteemed actor. Audiences regarded the lovemaking scenes completely unforgettable. Her rotten corpse won “Best Actress” at the Academy Awards that year. Some thought this was scandalous while others applauded the progress: finally, the Awards were giving equal treatment to the living and the dead. To top that, all the fashion magazines reported that she wore the most beautiful gown.


Diana said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It made my day!

I am utterly fascinated by the stuff you do here. I like to write from prompts but I haven't managed to loosen up enough to get the kind of creative, funky stories you've got happening here. You are inspiring me, you really are.

The Clown said...

I can imagine the cloud of creative energy over your head. I can feel you not being able to concentrate on your general stuffs, anymore. Don't worry, just let your life become magical and unreal. Feel yourself as a fictional character and I'm sure you'd be able to write pieces as delicate and delightful as this. Thanks for visiting my poetry blog.


The Clown said...

I had to use a link to this particular post on my blog for a certain post called The Intermittent Life of Pratti. Please check it out and see if it offends you or your privacy somehow. Let me know if it does and I'll remove the link. Smile.