Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Angelique participated in a national day of action. She stood on Archer Avenue and held up a protest poster with the words: “Immigrants are NOT criminals.” She and her mother make some money from their fast-food service jobs, but Angelique still can’t afford to go to college. Angelique knew that people were gathered there to remind a congresswoman that she broke promises. Angelique’s boyfriend recently promised her a ring and a date to a Cajun bistro. He reneged too. Angelique felt like her poster’s slogan was confusing the issues; she’d rather her sign read more like a beggar’s: Need Money for College Tuition. A lobbyist and a reformer stood next to Angelique. They discussed whether or not convicted felons should own dogs when they get out of prison. “They don’t want a friend; they want a weapon!” Angelique wondered if these more articulate gentlemen could give her advice about higher education. “Work!” They said. “And save all your paychecks from the Greasy Burger. This country rewards hard work.”

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