Friday, April 07, 2006

Time and Place

He refused to go alone. No one had told him whether or not this would be a black tie affair. He couldn’t imagine what would be the most appropriate attire. Important people would be there: his superiors, the judges, the critics, the analysts, and the entire Swashbucklers Drum and Bugle Corps. Would they serve wine and cheese? Would there be a parquet dance floor? The invitation mentioned nothing, not even the time and place. The colorful card with images of confetti, noisemakers, cone hats, streamers, and balloons bore only those two words outside “You’re invited…” and those four words inside. Does this party have a theme? He wondered. It had better be a fresh theme, something that’s never been done before. “I swear I’ve seen it all: the come as you are party, the toga party, the masque, the debutant ball, the greed party, the make-out mischief party. Themeless. But will you come with me anyway?” He asked Hugo, though he’s unreliable. “You’re worried about going alone? You’re lucky, at least you were invited to your own funeral.”

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