Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coping With the Tragedy in Mumbai

The so called "war on terror" is not working, and frankly it is boring! I don't understand why, after a terror attack, the media picks out common people to quote who say things like, "We're not going to let this stop us from living our lives as usual." Good for you! Right on! But is this really doing anything to stop terrorism or respect the dead? No. The way we live is the way we will die. If we want more effective strategies for combating terrorism, individuals need to take action. Live close to work, so we can walk to work? Find ways to live lives that do not have to destroy so much of the earth's natural resources? What? Individuals must be able to do something, right? Governments are clearly not effective and are only increasing tensions. I am literally sick of hearing that more people are dead from extremist violence. These are my questions: how can we all contribute to showing The Dead some real respect? How can individuals change their own lives to avoid the wrath of extremisits?

Hey Extremists, what is it, exactly, that would make you stop senseless, random violence against civilians? I'm a civilian; put down your gun and talk to me; I'm willing to listen. What? You can't put down your gun? Have you ever noticed that even if you kill me, there are billions more like me who live as they please anyway? Your strategy isn't working either. Can you hear me, Extremist? I think violence for its own sake is stupid. Try writing for its own sake, instead! Didn't your mama ever tell you that violence is a lazy man's cop-out? A violent action hurts its perpetrator most. Ask Zinedine Zidane! Extremist, who allowed you to immigrate to earth from Hell, illegally? Go home, but if you're too frightened of the monsters you'll find there then go to some quiet place where you can think of a way to put violence to rest. Civilians the world over would regard you as heroic if it is your own violent urges that you annihilate. Heal. And, by the way, any government who supports more military spending might learn a thing or two from the recovered Extremist. Hm?

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