Thursday, July 27, 2006

Riva Djinn's Consciousness

Riva Djinn is a small woman. No, she is tiny! She stands 5 inches 3 centimeters, precisely. She lives in Chicago, in a low-rent studio that is not much larger than a Neti pot.

Yesterday, while the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki spoke to Congress, Riva Djinn marched herself all the way to DC then marched back and forth outside of the House chamber. She was wearing a t-shirt and waving a placard and shouting a slogan in her elfin tongue. She was feeling really political; she was in one of her hot-blooded protest moods.

Her t-shirt and placard read the same long-winded slogan:

"Yo, Democrats! You will have no impact if you stay away today just because the ineffective leader of an occupied country refuses to criticize Hezbollah; the fact that al-Maliki takes a tough stance against terrorism, yet at the same time does not answer questions about whether or not Hezbollah is a terrorist organization means that the US and Iraq really ought to sit down and dicuss what they mean by the word 'Terrorism.' Stop playing fast and loose with the word Terrorism and Terrorist. Start trying to deal with the crisis in fresh terms that capture nuances. And, by the way, don’t go looking for the definition of Terrorist in John Updike’s latest novel!”

She may be a miniture woman, but Riva Djinn was able to fit all that on her extra petite t-shirt and protest placard. She shouted that mouthful for hours.

Then she wondered why nobody's head turned her way. No one noticed Riva Djinn's protest. After three hours of marching this way and that, she finally rested in a crack in the sidewalk. Forlorn.

‘Maybe my t-shirt is the wrong color.’ She thought. ‘No, I know.’ She re-thought, ‘No one is listening because I am a woman! Ugh!’ And her blood started to heat up again, and she started to feel the urge to change her t-shirt and go right back out and protest.

Little did she know that a more likely reason why her long-winded protest went unnoticed was because she is only 5 inches and 3 centimeters tall. Ms. Djinn's consciousness is not raised enough to know that this country has yet to fight for the liberation of small djinns, whose existence is still a dubious matter to begin with.

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