Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Say No to Escalation

All ten million members of the Scribble Bitch Book Club support the idea of leaving President Bush to fight his Middle East war on his own. What are Americans doing in Iraq? It has never made sense, never will.

Have you seen the movie "The Good Shephard?" That movie contains a good illustration of what is going on. There is a moment in the film when a Russian captive is being interregated by CIA guys, and they make him drop acid so he'll talk. He says something along the lines, and I'm paraphrasing, Russian power is all a ruse. There is no real Russian threat. America needed the idea of a Russian threat in order to justify flexing its military muscle.

And last night I saw "Letters from Iwo Jima," and I am more convinced than ever that war is a waste of human life, resources, and money. The war in Iraq is a complete waste and failure! The more military force expended, the more America is like a madwoman who is pulling out her hair, beating her chest, and screaming "Worship The Destroyer!"

Will someone please step up, be bold, and put into motion some constructive action? The violence must end, now! Personally, I never agreed to send any soldier abroad to fight for my America, so don't ever expect me to be grateful to those who have served Bush. Come home, troops! Here are some orders for you: Brush your teeth; go to bed.

Unfortunately, a stay-at-home, childless woman has but a puppy blog say in these matters. So much for spreading democracy. What democracy?

By the way, please don't forget that exiled Western Europeans, the first Americans, developed their ideas about democracy after observing how Native Americans conducted their tribal meetings. So any smidge of justification for being in Iraq could immediately be dismissed as completely irrational because if democracy is meant to grow up in some part of the world, it will without the help of trigger-happy cowboys and down home Texas pride. I'm confident that Iraqis can do it themselves, and it's time wigged-out Americans start listening to them and believing in them. Military muscle does not effectively give confidence to Iraqis; it's a dumb crutch.

Bringing troops home and admitting the job was not worthwhile is also heroic if it saves lives. Who cares about "getting the job done" if it's a bad job?

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