Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Subtle Art of Logical Reasoning

If you are someone who likes to wrap your head around mind-teasers and puzzles, the story below offers you a game to play.

Please read this argument:

All Xylophones are not Ukuleles. Zorra plays a Ukulele. All women who do not answer to the name Zorra play Xylophones.

Which of the choices below provides the best conclusion for the argument?

a) Zorra is a woman; therefore, she plays a Xylophone.
b) Some Ukuleles are not Xylophones.
c) All women who answer to the name Zella play Xylophone.
d) If the woman plays a Xylophone, she answers to the name Zorra.
e) If the woman plays a Ukulele, she answers to some name other than Zorra.

If you post a comment supplying the correct answer to the Logical Reasoning question above, you will be admitted to the Scribble Bitch Book Club as a Genius Member.

And all the good-luck privileges that come with such status will roll your way! Easy!


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Nice work. Would you like another? Please see "Erotic Logic."