Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Smart Blog

Beware of CEOs trying to sell you their macho man digital distractions. The only piece of impressive technology you ever need is this here Flash Fiction blog spot. It is the very first of what they're all calling a "Smart" Blog. That means this blog has got the processing horsepower that will let you do the things you want to do. Say you want to download Beauty. This blog uses patented technology called the glam-touch. Say you want to download Muscle. This blog automatically synchs your media with your flesh. Say you want to download Health. Your e-mail content and Web bookmarks can be streamlined to your vital organs. Say you wish to order a digital fish & chips. This gadget is designed to bridge the blogosphere and pub. This smart blog is not merely a multitasking genuis; it's a megatasker. Yes, it's THAT smart! Critics and phantoms are raving that it's even smarter than Apple's new iPhone!

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