Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Riverica Kane writes erotic poetry.

She recently joined the Scribble Bitch book club. Stay tuned on this blog for more posts related to the topic of Eros because here are two titles that the Scribble Bitch book club will discuss:

Eros, the Bittersweet
A Plea for Eros

But to set a mood for our book talk, here is a poem Ms. Kane wrote to rub up a fire under our indoor moods.

Winter in the Public House

Disguised as a circumupolar bear, he invited me into his pleasure dome.

We went down
Ice Cave.

We heckled Poker Chiefs
who chewed the Cloth of Corruption.

Their teeth cracked. Everywhere
blood, peppermint, & artificial snow.

The Lady Spies curled their index fingers, daring us to
come taste a drink called

Sap of Whore, warmed. With Whores’ tears, brandied.

The Game Boss cracked a joke, a skull, and more teeth.

Professor Gumball opened a beer bottle while a group called Twisted Synapse

fondled the old Juke—

The man in the bear suit turned to me and said,
“You. Do the fire dance. Dance, Lady, dance!”

He licked the walls of the ice cave while I shuddered.

My thighs grow cold thinking about it now, thinking about how
we desired some
real winter chill in the air
like the old days.

These days I can wear point de gaze needle lace to the phony ice party.

I dance to
circumuvocal Voices in the Void chanting: “Cover me…please!”

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