Saturday, May 27, 2006

BEAt & Ballyhoo

Joan Unlike is a dyke. But that makes no difference to anyone at this book conference in P.C. Joan Unlike is also a very famous author who is uncomfortable with the techno trend of libraries going digital. She stands at the podium telling good old stories about the bookstores of Garvard Square in the 1950s. She remembers when Key Worn City’s Fifth Avenue was the rub-a-dub book hub of the world. She urges booksellers to guard their citadel. “Keep up the fine work you’re doing! Keep publishing fewer titles and concentrate on glamorous marketing schemes. Knowledge imparted by the written word should be most accessible to those who cough up the cash. Creative endeavors shall remain controlled by economic forces FOREVER!” She said, and everyone clapped and sighed with relief. “Amen!” Some P.C. native shouted out and nodded. The high-profile dyke took her seat with her chin held higher. Yeah, no one dare one-up this dyke.

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