Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sophia's G Spot Didn't Check Its Blind Spot

Sophia was enjoying one of those “only in the movies” moments in which the heroine falls for the hero with just one look across a crowded room. Sophia didn't know his name, but she noticed Hermmy was so poised, so clean-cut. Sophia raised her glass in his direction and mouthed the words, “To you!” then tipped her head back, swallowed the last icy drop of her G and T, let it slide down her throat. “See if he can catch that subtle hint,” she thought to herself. Meanwhile, the blues man, Lindsey Alexander, was working the room with his guitar cocked and ready and his voice full of grumbles about his uppity women. His music put Sophia in an outgoing mood. Sophia saw Hermmy still looking at her, so she raised her eyebrows to the stranger, intending to welcome more flirtation. Hermmy didn’t seem shy at all because he kept his eyes glued on her. He stared at her, and she liked the attention, so she winked. She wanted him to understand she was available every night. She thought it especially charming that he carried a cane with him, like an old fashioned gentleman, “a gentleman and a scholar,” her mother would have called him. Her mother was married to such a man for nineteen years before she ran off with that carnival boss. Sophia welcomed Hermmy’s gaze on her “like a fly on pooh” she cried to her best friend later. Without warning, Lindsey Alexander approached Sophia to serenade her while she was busy flirting with Hermmy. Lindsey rubbed his trembling guitar strings against Sophia’s bare arm. Lindsey closed in on Sophia, his whole body ashake with song. He sang, “Woman, can you bake my biscuit good and brown?” Sophia rolled her eyes, hoping Hermmy would notice that she wasn’t interested in the seductions of a moody blues musician. Hermmy had already won her heart. The blues guitarist turned away and worked his riff on another woman. Sophia blew Hermmy a kiss. Hermmy rose from his stool. Quick. Sophia took out her compact to powder her nose. He approached her, using his cane as a feeler. “I beg your pardon.” That’s all Hermmy said, while gazing in space, when his cane bumped Sophia’s foot. Then a good Samaritan guided Hermmy to the club’s exit. Sophia’s heart sank in between her legs; she scolded herself for being so stupid but recovered quickly. She spent the rest of the evening, alone, blowing kisses to the dartboard in the back room. Man, if she only knew how to sing the blues…

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