Saturday, May 06, 2006

TEN World Voices

A distinguished panel, moderated by the novelist Canue Imagio, met at the Global Café in Keyworn City. Mister Imagio asked the panel about Faith and Reason. An underground man from Syria said, “I have faith that the Turks will get out of the upper Euphrates waters, and the reason is because our People’s Council says go away.” A dying mother of five from the Isle of Man removed her tube and said, “I have faith that my country’s tourist industry will boom because my children are building a huge amusement park at which people will only be allowed to speak the reviving Manx Celtic language.” An illiterate girl in Benin said, “I have faith that my uncle will die tomorrow, and the only reason he will die is because AIDS has no regard for human life.” The leader of the Secret Fraternal Order in Switzerland said, “The reason I have faith that we’ll reduce the drug traffic through my country is because I’m an effective leader.” A beggar from Brazil asked, “If a man falls in a forest of ghetto blasters and no one hears his cry for help, does that man exist?” A saint from Jamaica argued, “In this era, faith and reason are conducting illegal cross-border trade.” A fugitive from Cyprus said, “There is no reason why I have no faith.” An Innkeeper from Hong Kong said, “I have faith in eco-friendly products and the moral high ground and the reasons are all very obvious.” When they finished speaking, everyone clapped. Only one person asked a question that wasn’t really a question, “I’m proud to be a US citizen becasue in the US everyone speaks English at the amusement parks.”

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