Tuesday, May 02, 2006


There is a coffee shop on 49th Street and 9th Avenue in NYC. As usual, there are people sitting in the coffee shop, reading the news and sipping hot drinks. There is a woman named Lu Anne who is ignoring the bustle around her. She’s engrossed in a graphic novel called PERSEPOLIS; it’s a story about a girl growing up in Iran during the Revolution. “Close that book!” A police officer orders Lu Anne. “Close that book because it’s all about fanatics and veiled women. And you may not know this, but we Americans don’t approve of Iran and its opposition to the UN!” Lu Anne looks up from the book. “Billy!” She shouts when she recognizes her Ex. She closes the book to stand up and give him a big hug. It’s been three years. “What brings you to Hell’s Kitchen in your work uniform?” He removes his cap and sits at the table. “I’ve been thinking.” He finally says, a little nervous. “I was too hard on you when I pushed you out of my life because you read comic books.” Lu Anne, trying to be discreet, pulls the closed PERSEPOLIS into her lap. “I tried to change but failed you.” She says, lowering her eyes. “I’ve been reading the Art Spiegelman you gave me, and I’m changing my mind about the genre. I’m sorry I was so hard on you; it’s just that the NYPD has more traditional literary tastes.” Lu Anne keeps her head lowered; she can’t help but grin. “Lu Anne.” Billy sighs. “I’ve been thinking about giving us another chance.” Lu Anne looks directly into Billy’s soul and says, “In your dreams pal! I wouldn’t date you again even if you promised to build me my own atomic power plant!” She throws the book at him and leaves.

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