Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Milk it...

Janine has a reputation for milking her friends for all they're worth. Janine works at the local drug store. In her spare time she wrote a short story, a piece of fiction about a female author strung out on pep pills who gets trapped in milkweed chimera. She sent this story over e-mail to a good friend of hers who edits a literary magazine. Janine was confused when the e-mail bounced back with a cryptic “Unknown” message. She put the story on the shelf and let it collect dust. Months later, Janine encountered her editor friend in the dairy section of the grocery store on the north side of the city of Chichugo. He had removed his raincoat and was pouring milk all over himself. “I really loved your story about redemption.” He told her. “It changed my life. We’re running it in the next issue of the Unknown Review. You'll be paid handsomely.” Janine left the store feeling satisfied and accomplished. She has another friend who is a podcast producer. Janine is scheming now to see what she could get out of that friend. If Janine could audiopublish, whew, just think of all that would spill in Cyperspace, just think of all the benefit Janine would milk!

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