Thursday, March 01, 2007

Classic Rock

To conjure the spirit of today’s piece of flash fiction, take a deep breath then speak out loud the quoted phrase below; be sure to use your strongest Rock-n-Roll-Man growl:

“WNXQ New York!”

Riva Djinn dances with the ghost of John Lennon on her private roof deck. It’s Thursday morning. Overcast skies. All Riva’s neighbors have implored Riva to turn up her radio.

Q104.3 Ten in a Row

John Fogerty
T. Rex
The Weight Band
Billy Idol
Rolling Stones
Janis Joplin

At the end of this set, the dead Beatle starts singing along:

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the Walrus.
goo goo g’joob

Riva’s hips move in a smooth rhythm with this goo goo G’Ghostman.

While they dance, Riva tells Phantom Lennon some random thought that pops in her mind, “You know? Alfred Hitchcock would have despised your song. He had ovophobia. Egg yolks revolted that creeped-out film director so much that he never touched eggs in his life. He considered blood more cheerful because it was red."

Phantom Lennon, knowing a thing or two about women, got the hint that Riva's sudden interest in Hitchcock and ovophobia could only mean one thing:

“Hey, Riva. You ovulating?” Phantom Lennon asks the unemployed genie.

“Indeed, I am, Mister Eggman, Sir! You come closer now! Perhaps we can conceive something. Aren’t you so curious about what the offspring of a phantom and a genie would look like?”

“Well, Riva. Our offspring would surely frighten Alfred Hitchcock because our child would look like the World Army with egg on its face.” Phantom Lennon laughs. Such is the humor of a dead absurdist.


Lies said...

Yeah. There were few liars more loved than Lennon. The reason that the public loved Lennon so much is that they never met him. I remember coming back to my table once and someone had drunk my beer, I turned to Lennon and asked him if it was him and he flatly denied it. BUT HE HAD FOAM ON HIS TOP LIP. Yoko just giggled, which, y'know, made me feel a bit annoyed.

gm2 said...

Two days in a row now I've stumbled across your stories. I think I'm hooked!

Lies said...

Wooh Rebecca, some sort of award is in order for possibly being the first one to really get it! But reading your blog, I'm not surprised.