Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Writing Business Ain't Nobody's Business

Carol Mackey reported from the Middle East and Asia for Violent Times Magazine. She is currently a Tickle-Me Fellow in Journalism at Power Lust University. While reporting for Violent Times, she has dodged the Jihad in Pakistan’s tribal lands, and in Katmandu has been caught between the Maoist rebels and the king’s army. Gideon, Tate and Hambolt will publish her first collection of poems entitled “Hate” May 2007, and her first non-fiction book entitled “The Glory Parallel.”

Riva Djinn sold used college books on e-Bay. She is currently a fictitious character from Arabian Jewish folklore living in the Real World. While lounging on her vintage make-out couch, she contemplates those years she spent learning the Chinese language in Guangzhou, China where she lived a very peaceful existence with her husband and his father, mother, and grandmother. Riva recalls delighting in clouds of steam that rose from teacups and rice bowls. A few years ago, she had written and pitched her book entitled "Memoirs of a Chinese Daughter-in-Law" to all the major book publishers, but she never hit pay dirt. As luck would have it, however, she recently sold, on e-Bay, a huge collection of rejection slips that she had bound and covered. Apparently, some guy in Oregon collects rejection letters received by would-be authors. The stacks in his library are growing by the day, and it has recently been reported in Violent Times magazine that his volumes outnumber those collected by the library at the well-endowed Power Lust University.

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Lies said...

I went that University! There was plenty of unrequited lust and the power kept going off because the administration hadn't paid the bills. The official song was Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' - all together -'we don't want no education'.